Hi! I’m Bryan.

What’s that one big thing you like to do the most?

I like to:

Write Great Copy.

What else is fun?

  • running
  • making things
  • reading and taking photos
  • learning about the latest tech innovations
  • spending time with family and friends

Right now, I’ve got roots in New Westminster, BC, Canada. My wife and I love the small town feel. We prefer walking, even though we can drive.

Small towns can give you that warm feeling deep down. But don’t some people need to break out into the world? More likely, more people want to feel a part of a community. We want to feel comfortable around people who share our values.

What do I strive for?

  • Doing my best work
  • Rest
  • Simplicity
  • Humility
  • Long-term decisions

Alright, so I’ve done a few things in the past. I’ve worked, learned and rolled with the punches for the better.

What have I learnt?

How to:

  • Produce humanized, emotional stories to create new interests and feelings
  • Create email campaigns, use SM and create community for a non-profit
  • Fulfil my lust for adventure as a Private Investigator, runner and innovator
  • Get my hands messy in the real world of investigating everyday life
  • Generate door-to-door sales during the summer and win sales rewards

Wanna talk more?

I’ll make your business grow, if you ask.

Send me an email at lutzmbryan@gmail.com