How to Boost Your Sales with Newsworthy Content (Bonus: Free Tools)

If you’re a small business owner trying to understand the best way to do marketing on the internet, keep reading.

You may have been running your business for years –

with a bit of a website or no website at all.

You know your customers checked google. They told you about the ratings (they were good by the way).

They visited your website too. And said, “Oh it was nice to be able to find your phone number so I could call you and ask about…” (that thing that they wanted).

You were there after all.

You were, or one of your employees was there to answer the phone and their questions –

maybe ask them if there’s anything they needed help with too.

That means the website is doing its job right?

And, if it’s doing its job because people are calling and if people are calling you, then you know it’s most likely they’re going to buy. Well, kind of. You could be delivering more value than your competitors and driving more sales.

Here’s How:

Your biz is doing something totally awesome. You’re delivering goodness to the world.

You’ve got new products.

You’ve got innovative services.

You’ve got sales, promotions and a whole lot of knowledge to share with the world.

What do all those things have in common?



News is happening all the time. People are making news by the hour because humanity is happening and there’s stories to tell. Stories of defeat, loss and grief. But there’s other stories too.

You can create stories of joy, happiness and victory: 

  • where your product is the hero
  • that demonstrate and explain your value (how your products are made and where you source them)
  • that re-tell your customer’s happy experiences
  • using current news and events to garnish attention for your biz (make it fun dude!)
  • to share product reviews from influencers in your niche
  • using photo journals of events, promotions or sales at your business
  • with compelling live action video (you never know what’s going to happen and people love it)

Meaningful Relationships Begin with PR

Good relationships are a process. They’re built over time with meaningful interactions. Sure, you can answer the phone and have a good conversation. But the internet has changed the way they relate to you.

Now you can skip the phone and the special media contacts that used to happen in PR.

Speak Directly with Your Buyers and Keep ’em Talkin’

The best way to make yourself known is to be consistent with your communication. Keep in contact. Keep em’ coming back. Keep bringing them to your website with informative and educational, newsworthy content. It’s the best way to build trust in the age of the internet.

Keywords Build Your Web Real Estate

What are keywords? Keywords are words used by people while searching on the internet. If you want them to find you then all you have to do is write your content with the words they’re using to search for product and services.

Try doing this:

  • use head keywords (broad words used in your industry)
  • use keywords that have a low cost-per-click and a high opportunity
  • use long-tail keywords (words that belong to your brand, special services or niche products)

3 Hacks to Drive Sales

While you’re writing your press releases, blogs or creating other content use these three hacks to drive sales online and through the doors of your retail location.

  • create links to other content and make your website a resource
  • make sure to include a promotion or special offer at the end of your release
  • ask them to share, if they like the material, they are more willing to share on social media

Massive Difference: Everything is Measurable

On the internet, you can make pretty much measure everything. That means you can see the growth of people coming to your website.

The best thing is, you can do this for free. Google analytics is free for everyone to learn and use(they have their own academy). I’m sure you’ve been using excel or some other platform to look at the numbers for your business.


Google Analytics isn’t the only free tool you can use to market you business online. In fact, most tools out there are ENTIRELY FREE. Take a look around, it’s easier than ever to get started.


Bryan Lutz


If you’re looking for ways to start putting some methods in this blog into action…

Here’s some free actionable tools:

Google Analytics – Learn how to get analytics

Google Adwords – Learn to use Adwords

Moz’s Keyword Explorer – Find Keywords

Keywordtool – Find Keywords

SEMRush – Get competitor info​​​​​​​

BuzzSumo – Explore what’s being talked about

Canva – make social graphics

Adobe Spark – make simple videos

Visme – make infographics\


If you’d like to get a head start…

make marketing easy on yourself, create meaningful relationships and build your website real estate shoot me an email at

Visit me at

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